The company has professional canal changing masters, all of whom have relevant skill certificates, such as water pipe license, underground canal worker, small works, etc. before the commencement of each project, the underground canal will be carefully inspected. After determination, appropriate tools will be used to excavate the scope of replacing the underground canal, dig the depth until the original underground canal is completely exposed, and the original canal pipe and soil will be removed, To allow sufficient space for replacement of new drains. Erecting structures to prevent the displacement of soil, rocks or other materials and prevent workers and other pedestrians from falling and being injured. Adhering to the principle of safety first, we can serve the people of Hong Kong in projects large and small!


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chan wai ming


Professional, sincere attitude, no tricks

The two toilets of the housing enterprise were blocked, and many rooms were found. One system could not be reached, and the other system offered a high price. They called and arranged for a professional master to repair them in half an hour. Because both toilets were blocked, it was urgent. The master would first understand the situation and make a preliminary quotation on the phone, do it first, and the master would explain the process and explain the blockage before construction,It's necessary to do the class. After passing the class, I will teach some maintenance, so that it's not easy to plug the throat. The master really told me.

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Candy Lo


Very helpful, efficient and friendly.

I live in the lower floor unit of Tang building. At 12 a.m., the main sewage pipe of the building was blocked, so the toilet sewage of my unit gushed back to Chengjian house.Master, brother Mao came to help us open the canal. Brother Mao was a professional at first sight. He was skilled. He didn't use high-voltage instruments to fix it for me in one hour. Thank you very much!



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We provide drainage and plumbing services throughout the whole Hong Kong area and islands.

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