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No matter if you live in your own residence or rentals, it's irritable when faced with a drain clogging situation, and it can happen at the worst times. You can never predict when the next clogging/blockage will happen. Have no fear, we are the most dependable choice when it comes to providing relief to your plumbing problems. In order for your drains and pipes to perform at their optimal best, have faith in us, the SST Drainage. Before we start, please take a moment to better understand the services that we have available:

A Fleet of UK Plumbing Vans

Our experiened work crew

Residential Plumbing Services

Our company provides advanced equipments such as high pressure/ electronic declogging machines and tools. We promise no damages will be made to your pipes during our tasks of freeing any blockages that you may have.

High Pressure Declogging Services & CCTV Services

Our company uses professional grade high pressure water declogging capable vehicles imported from England and Germany. No matter from 1000 pounds to over 12,000 pounds, our declogging service encompass any sized pipes , involving the sink, bathroom pipes , any solid blockages even solid objects such as rocks, etc. Our CCTV equipment will allow us to see and inspect the inside of the pipes and assess the damages that have incurred prior.

What is High Pressure Declogging

Using our potent pressure declogging machine, we will be able to remove and clean all sized pipes and drains. There are many high pressure nozzles deployed from a soft pipe that will be able to deliver high volume blasting sprays, effective removing and cleaning out any obstructions that you may have in your sewage pipes!。

Cleaning And Removing Oil And Grease/ Grease Trap, Manhole, Septic Tank Drainage Removal

Our company employs high pressure/ vacuum capable vehicles, our vacuuming capacity starts from 500 kg all the way to 30,000 kg. We can enter into car parking lots with a ceiling clearance of 1.8m, grease trap blockage removal of any sizes is of no problem for us.!

 Our Drianage Declogging Mission

Our company have on staff, certified and accredited professional plumbing technicians. For all small and large operations, they will first examine the whereabouts of the blockage and determine the ideal resolution to the problem on hand. The appropriate tools will be utilized to fully extract the blockages out of the pipes. Repairs or replacement of the eroded / damaged pipes may be provided if the situation warrants it. We take cautions and safety measures to make sure no one is hurt over the course of the process such as slips and falls and misplacement of structures or tools, etc. Our company prioritize safety above all else. Please place your trust in us to provide the best service that we capable of.


Our customers rate us as excellent

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chan wai ming


Professional, sincere attitude, no tricks

The two toilets of the housing enterprise were blocked, and many rooms were found. One system could not be reached, and the other system offered a high price. They called and arranged for a professional master to repair them in half an hour. Because both toilets were blocked, it was urgent. The master would first understand the situation and make a preliminary quotation on the phone, do it first, and the master would explain the process and explain the blockage before construction,It's necessary to do the class. After passing the class, I will teach some maintenance, so that it's not easy to plug the throat. The master really told me.

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Candy Lo


Very helpful, efficient and friendly.

I live in the lower floor unit of Tang building. At 12 a.m., the main sewage pipe of the building was blocked, so the toilet sewage of my unit gushed back to Chengjian house.Master, brother Mao came to help us open the canal. Brother Mao was a professional at first sight. He was skilled. He didn't use high-voltage instruments to fix it for me in one hour. Thank you very much!

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Consistently deliver quality service

In the past 18 months, we have been using the company's services because the company really has hands and feet and is honest. Because I am the person in charge of the food factory, one day, the sewage oil separator of the factory was not cleaned for a long time, resulting in oil clogging the water pipe, causing the oil to fall on the ground of the parking lot of the building, resulting in serious consequences.The management office requires us to be responsible for cleaning and compensation.A tanker truck was needed to clean up the oil separator. I asked the company to send a car within an hour, but we waited for three hours, but the car didn't arrive, and we couldn't call to catch up with the exact time. The oil pollution has been flowing more and more. Finally, I found a smooth access, which didn't come in an hour, and quickly helped me solve the problem.

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Li Li


High quality service, highly recommended

Our water pipe is old and leaking and must be replaced.STT's master completed it very professionally and reached a very high standard, and completed it in advance.The engineers were kind enough to get rid of the old hoses and everything was in order.I will definitely recommend them and use them again!



Contact us about our professional services

If you want to find out more about our services in Hong Kong or have inquiries concerning any drainage or plumbing issues, contact us at any time, our customer representative will contact you back within 24 hours after filling out your inquiry.

We provide drainage and plumbing services throughout the whole Hong Kong area and islands.

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